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group work in plein nature

There are many possibilities to have seminars in the nature within the Steinschaler nature hotels. In our opinion nature gives us the possibility to think freely and out of the box.

The influence of nature in a seminar environment

Seminars in the nature is a speciality within the Steinschaler nature hotels. As the term "nature hotel" already declares, the property provides a very good infrastructure and environment to have green seminars.

Nature gallery

outdoor group work

Besides green seminar rooms there are many possibilities to have meetings or trainings in the "green" arround the Steinschaler nature hotels. The grassland, the woods and the water areas provide many locations for creative workshops or seminars. The Steinschalerhof as well as the Steinschaler Dörfl are surrounded by a wide natural area. In the Steinschalerhof the Steinschaler gardens are to your disposal. Also the 7 ponds in the hotel area provide much creative "green working spaces".

Information about green seminars

  • Environmental certification - Green Meetings
  • Gallery meeting in a green environment

Green seminar areas - Steinschalerhof

  • Teichbrücke
  • Pfluaghittn
  • Kräuterhütte
  • Mostinium
  • Wassergartenhaus
  • Steinschaler Teich
  • Apline beach seats (
  • Steinschaler seminar rooms
  • Steinschaler - seminar breaks

Greem s eminar rooms -Steinschaler Dörfl:

  • Hall Talblick (Steinschaler Dörfl)
  • Seminar room Speckbirne
  • Terrasse (Steinschalerhof)
  • Dirndlsteighütten
  • Village city space(Steinschaler Dörfl)
  • Meeting in the nature

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