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Einstiegsseite des
dem Steinschaler Lexikon

Steinschaler Zünftiges solo.jpg

Biberweide bei Teichbrücke

Learning how to live with beavers

Fog Idyll above Oachner in December

Fireside Chat in the Steinschalerhof, on the 31.03.2016, at 19:00 o´clock

The reintroduction of native species of the beaver (Castor fiber) about 40 years ago is a success story of nature conservation in Austria.

With increasing propagation and colonization some conflicts arrise because of space claims. Both humans and beavers have something in common: both can make their habitat (with) or farming and thus adapt to the respective needs.

Fantastically beautiful - autumn in Steinschaler Doerfl

Blossoms in  the Natural Gardens
Basis of the vegan cuisine: the harvest of the organic garden

How to deal with the conflict for space between man and beaver now, is to be shown in a presentation of the beaver management NÖ.

Learning to live with the beaver by the legal bases of the biology of strictly protected beavers, to very concrete measures for enabling people how to live with them as "neighbours".

Under the contract, there is a commission of Steinschaler beaver places at Steinschaler pond. After the presentation the Raiffeisenbank and the Steinschaler Nature Hotels invite you to a little snack buffet.

More Information:

The beavers are in our natural garden - in the Steinschaler pond! We are happy for them.

  • Your daytrip to the Ötscher kingdom of the State Exhibition with interesting special exhibitions

'"The Alps and we' '

Looking for English Pages in this Steinschalerwiki?

Are you planning a company outing?

E.g.: to the State exhibitionin the Ötscher kingdom?

  • New: Hiking guide in the Dirndl valley

Your Steinschaler weekend tip:

Vacation with dog: in our garden house with fence - there are four garden houses with fence at the Steinschalerhof

Eating in the:
Steinschaler regional-, vegan- and wild herbs cuisine:

Enjoy eating at the Steinschaler cuisine with organic wild herb dishes and products from the region.
There are also delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes.

You are now by the wild herbs specialists.

450px|right|almost harvest maturity Dirndln on the bush

Mullein with bee

Welcome in our regional lexikon of the Steinschaler Naturhotels.
Here you can find more information about the Steinschaler Naturhotels, the Dirndl fruit and the region of the Dirndl valley in Lower Austria. We are ca. an hour away from Vienna and Linz.

Don´t let the 'Wiki structure (it is an encyclopedia!)' mess with you. Please use the search function (left menu) to find the desired pages.

You can find a compact overview about the Steinschaler Naturhotels here:

Seminars, Incentives, Workshops, Meetings, conferences

nature logo

'Days with Ecolabel - Green Meetings 'Sustainable seminars and outdoor seminars.

  • Information for sustainable learning success (an event)

Seminare, Workshops and Meetings

Spring at the Steinschaler pond
concentration by incentive dredge

Test us as a Seminar infrastructure providers and conference hotel:

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Seminar packages
  • Steinschaler seminar rooms
  • Incentives at the official handover of Dörfl
  • [ Incentives / Overview at:
  • Ecolabel - "Green Meetings" | Ecolabel for "Green Seminars"

Discover the official handover in Dörfl

Family holidays, short holidays,hiking, celebrating, weddings

Holidays and Weddings in the cozy and beautiful Steinschaler Naturhotels:

Holiday in the Dindl valley

Seminar room Pond Bridge above Steinschaler pond
  • Wild herb cooking class - Your cooking class with wild herbs
  • Dirndl Valley´s Merrymaking - cuddle time in the Valley of Dirndln
  • Vineyard jewel Mariazellerbahn - experience on a narrow gauge rail- year-round

Enjoy your 'Vacation with you dog in theSteinschaler Naturhotels

  • Bookable Steinschaler offers
  • Information for short holidays

New Year´s Eve comes again this year:

  • Steinschaler Doerfl - the Silvester with your dog in the calm and romantic Dörfl.
  • Information and booking - You call us: 02722 2281
  • Pictures from Steinschaler Naturhotels and the Dirndl valley region
  • Around the Steinschaler Doerfl there are beautiful winter hiking trails.

Sustainable Events - Steinschalerhof Naturhotels

Harald Kirchner presented on the 04.04.2014 the new 'Mariazellerbahn' film of the Southwest television (SWR - Baden Würtenberg)

The 8th Mostvierter´s sustainability conference is in the end of September 2015
If you are interested please make an appointment for us at - 02722 2281.

Steinschalerwiki Overview

Discover the regional indormation in our Steinschalerwiki.

It´s like Wikipedia (same Software).

Steinschaler Wiki

Welcome in the Steinschaler Naturhotels!

The Steinschaler-Wiki gives information for our guests, customers, partners and friends. This regional encyclopedia

This regional encyclopedia deals with the Steinschaler Naturhotels and their many possibilities, both in the hotel, in the Dirndl valley and in the nearby area of the Dirndl valley. Browse the offers from the Steinschaler Naturhotels, get to know the "Typical" and the "Wish-worthy" and discover our Steinschaler philosophy!

Your search in the Steinschaler-Wiki

Please use the search function in the left menu to find your desired information in the 104 articles. If you only know part of the search term, just use the character "*" as a joker' (the sign "*" stands for any string).

An example: you want to search info about Steinschalerhof -> you write in the search term: Steinschalerh*

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For this purpose, please write an e-mail to: We like to get in touch with you.

Steinschaler pond idyll in the evening
Steinschaler slogan

Dirndl with Johann Weiß
Logo Steinschaler Sustainable chat

You can also find information here:

Updates and pictures of the week and season

title page of the book of Dirnd valley
Salad blossoms

Always actual: Vacation with your dog - You are always welcome by us!

Basis of the Steinschaler Cuisine - the organic garden

Pictures of the week:

Beavers are here!

The Beavers are here!!!
We are happy for them. Meanwhile, they have already increased sharply.

Dirndl and Dirndl map
regional food from the Dirndl valley