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The nature park Ötscher-Tormäuer is with 170 km ² the largest nature park in Lower Austria.

In the southwestern mountainous Lower Austria was created in 1970 around the Ötscher, the symbol of the Mostviertel, the natural park Ötscher-Tormäuer. With approximately 170 km² it is the largest natural park in Lower Austria, for many also the most impressive natural park.

Beautiful Landscape

Ötscher with hiking foots

Between pastures, gorges and waterfalls through to charges at the Ötscher (1,893 m), can look to the vast forests and wide pastures and enjoying the magnificent alpine flora with its orchids, asters, gentians and other beauties. Exceptional are the deep cuts of clear Erlauf (the center front and Tormäuer) and especially those of Ötsch Erbaches - the Ötschergräben, which are also called "Grand Canyon" of Austria.

Popular destinations for hikers are also the many trails on the romantic Alm of Hochbärneck in St. Anton, the Erlaufsee and Erlaufstausee in Mitterbach and the beautiful waterfalls: the Mira, Trefflingfall (english), Lassing- and Schleierfall. Mysterious are the Ötscher salactite cave and Kohler cave. Along the trails there to admire bizarre natural beauty and with a lot of luck you will discover traces of Ötscherbären.

The large number of hiking trails and offers of several days for health, fitness and enjoyment stay in the regional Steinschaler Nature Hotels, from where you can cozily make trips to Ötscher with the Mariazell Railway! For children there are many exciting offers, for example: Rätselralley.

Grand Canyon in Austria

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Popularly, the Ötschergräben is also called "Grand Canyon of Austria".
This is a "must" to wander through for passionate hikers almost. This rugged countryside in Lower Austria expect the fewest guests. You will be surprised positively.

The nature park is divided into areas of interest and destinations:

  • Nature Park Ötscher

The east side of the Ötscher area opens up in its full length quite wonderful the Mariazellerbahn. A total of 6 stations are in this particular path in the nature park.


Hiking in Ötschergräben
Ötscherbär with ski

Entry points in the Natural Park:

  • Puchenstuben-Sulzbichl
  • Wienerbruck
  • Erlaufklause
  • Mitterbach
  • Lackenhof
Alm-Ötscher in background - Hochbärneck
Schildampfer - dock on the Ötscher

Information Bureau:

Use the Steinschaler Mariazellerbahn when getting to the Ötschergräben hiking tour:

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Special places in the Nature Park

  • visit the National Exhibition 2015

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