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Steinschaler Claim

The Steinschaler Nature Hotels are located at 'two of the most beautiful places inDirndl valley.

Logo Steinschalerhof - part of the image
  • Location is in Warth / Rabenstein
imae of Steinschaler Dörfl
Steinschaler gardens Logo
  • Location Steinschaler Dörfl in a 'promising and extremely quiet location' 'in Frankenfels

Please call us:

  • Information and booking for both hotels
  • Room overview

The Steinschaler businesses are from conviction.

Information and Booking

Distances to the highway A1 - exit St.Pölten Süd:

  • Steinschalerhof: 21 km
  • Steinschaler Dörfl: 36 km
    • To the exit Ybbs (A1 by the km 100) ca. 41 km

Arriving with the train Mariazellerbahn

Steinschaler gardens - by arriving: Borretsch - Mullein flower

Our excellent 'electromobility axis in the Dirndl valley':

  • To the Steinschalerhof - Station Steinschal: 190 m
  • To the Steinschaler Dörfl - Station Frankenfels - ca. 4 km.

In your interest

Green kitchen Logo

Discover the Steinschaler gardens (english):

Steinschaler Dörfl - Winter