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The Steinschaler nature gardens with high subnatural variety!

Steinschaler Nature Gardens

ABG - Bio-certifier

One (or the!) brand for the Steinschaler nature hotels Steinschalerhof and the Steinschaler Doerfl are the wide and multifarious organic gardens. The gardens are - like both hotels - gearded to sustainibility. In the production gardens, we produce many of the things we need for the hotels. Vegetables, wild herbs, fruits and flowers for the decoration. Whereas there are also so many places like stonewalls and front gardens where aromatic or just beautiful plants thrive and prospe. High Biodiversity is an important point in the process.

Facts - Steinschaler Gardens

Käfer auf Kreuzblütler-Blüte
  • acreage:
    • 3,2 ha at the Steinschalerhof including the water gardens - Steinschaler pond
    • about 1,6 ha at the Steinschaler Doerfl
  • Steinschaler garden staff: 4 people (whole year)


rock garden
Beginning of the raised beds

The Steinschaler nature gardens are no formal gardens and no architectural applied flower gardens. Dynamic, like the whole hotel they always look different depending on the seasons. The whole gardens become more speciose and species-rich.

If you take both, the gardens of the Steinschalerhof and the Steinschaler Doerfl you will see the huge variety of different plants. Because of the many diverse kinds of earth and terrain there is "the right space" for countless herbs, flowers, shrubs and other plants.

To tend the garden in a proper and correct way we are happy to have our expert Frieda. With lots of love and endurance she keeps our gardens as beautiful as they are. She is responsible for the gardens and is always around.

Steinschaler Gardens - Overview

Steinschaler vegetable garden

gardens at the Steischalerhof

  • southgarden (southward of the southgarden buliding)
  • production garden
  • nostalgic garden
  • riverbed garden of the Pielach
  • Steinschaler Pond
  • king's meadow
  • fruit orchard
  • harvest


In the Steinschaler nature gardens we also subdue many old plant species and so we can support them.

Many of the subdue plants are unusual for the regional gardens. Here we grow vegetables, wild and economic plants from all ower the globe. Even though this wide variety there is time and space for experiments where our guest can gain insight. So we can also give our know-how to interested guest. Some of them even remember forgotten plants again.


butterfly Steinschaler Garden

What is a garden without animals?
That's why we have some grazing land which belongs to our nature gardens. The Steinschaler Animals are:

  • the haflinger horse, Arri
  • Kuni und Kasimir - the mini pics from Goettingen
  • the garden cats:
    • every part of the gardens has its own cat which captured its own district
  • runner ducks - our staff against the snails
  • sheep - during summer to keep the gras short
  • geese, the guards of the gardens
  • butterflies

the uniqueness

The Steinschaler nature gardens are also kitchen gardens where we grow food plants, medical plants and spices. The gardens are also exhibition gardens for the idea of permaculture and the cultivation near to nature management.

At the same time they are a beautiful example how beautiful and esthetic a production garden can be.

visit us!

  • guided tours through the gardens
  • overnight stay at the nature hotel (e.g. in one of our garden houses
  • free entrance in the gardens with the "NOE Card" (lower austrian card
  • enjoy many idyllic places in the gardens

wild herbs

Bee on Daisy Family
  • wild herb cookery course
  • tasting of wild herbs
  • wild herb cooking as an incentive
  • many meals in our awarded Restaurant are refined with some seasonal wild herbs

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