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The "Vierkanthof" (Quadrangle Yard House) is the oldest structure and the main building of Steinschalerhof. The Quadrangle Yard House is a former farmhouse in the typical style of the region. The buliding has belonged to the family Weiss for at least five generations. The owners have reconstructed and expanded the building in the middle of the nineties to become a hotel.

Vierkanthof Ground floor

Service - Cecilia with guests
  • Reception and backoffice
  • "Jogl" room
  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant
    • Old Conservatory
    • Stove snuggery
    • Buffet area
    • Conservatory "Morning sun"
    • "Hängemattenzimmer" ("The Hammock Room")
  • Courtyard - the summer hideaway
  • Terrace (with garden view)
  • Sauna and Infra red cabin
  • Entrance to the garden

Vierkanthof First floor

Hängemattenzimmer covered
  • Meeting room "Nostalgia"
  • Blue room
  • Gable room
  • Meeting room "Kirchberg view"
  • Rooms 1 and 2
  • Rooms 4 to 9
  • Rooms 11 to 13
  • Covered pedestrian bridge leading to the South Garden House

Room prices in the Vierkanthof

South garden idyl seat places

Prices for the Vierkanthof rooms with shower, including a rich regional breakfast

  • double or twin room € 55,70
  • single room € 71,20

2013 per night and person

Useful information

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