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Your own village-plate

post sign - Steinschaler Dörfl

Chose your own company plate. This is standardized platee (930 mm x 630 mm), like the place name signs that stand in front of every village in Austria.

Select your desired village name, your company name for example or a name of any of your products. As well the name of your event is a great option.

The logo on your own palte has no limitations on any colouring. For this we just need your desired logo in high definition.

Location of the village plate

The place name sign will be put up at the entrance to Steinschaler Dörfl. It will replace our Steinschaler Dörfl Ortstafel and will already be set up at your arrival. Since most of the time the plate is revealed in a cerimonial act, it is covered until then.

At the beginning of the very traditional opening ceremony the head of the event will cut the ribbon at the entrance to Steinschaler Dörfl, right beside the village plate. Also the keys can be handed over during the ceremony. A traditional sign for good hospitality is the salt and bread ceremony.

After your event you can take your personal village plate back home and put it in your office.

Tipp: Recording of your acquisition

SD sign post at the village square entrance

We can also record your event and take pictures of the ceremony.

Steinschaler Dörfl post sign in autumn

Examples of village plates

post sign Ricoh

More Incentive-Information: